Glass Partition Walls & Doors

Contact us for a stylish glass partition to give an impressive finish to any office, meeting room or reception area.

Meeting room with glass partition wall and two full height glass doors & black framework.

Meeting room glass partitioning install with glass double doors in Bury St Edmunds.

Using glass in an office environment gives a lasting impression to visitors, customers and staff. The main benefit of glass walls is to create a more open plan feel in a office or commercial space. Allowing light to pass through also makes the area more comfortable to work in.

Glass Doors

Full height glass doors are also an added feature of the frameless glass partitions. Elegant features such as the stainless steel pull handles and soft door closers add a touch of class to the partition finish.

Film Frosting

Across the partition panels bespoke manifestation film designs can be fitted to your glass. We can incorporate your company logo, branding or wording to tie in with your business identity and reinforce your brand throughout your office.

Open plan office with freestanding glass partition dividing walls with desks between.

Office freestanding dividing glass partition walls with personalised logo film in Dereham, Norfolk.

Building Regs Compliant

All full height glass partition walls must comply with building regulations restrictions. Our expert design team will use their technical knowledge of regulations to create a frosting to legally comply as required.

Quick & Tidy To Install

Unlike other painted partition finishes the glass partitioning is a convenient option that can be installed with minimal disruption to your office environment. The metal framework can be painted to any RAL code colour before arriving on site for the install.

The Installation Process

Glass wall section within a solid wall with dark grey metal framework and a solid film design.

Office canteen kitchen glass divider wall with Cambridge themed film, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Initially the framework will be installed to allow for the glass measurements to be taken. The glass panels will then be cut to the bespoke sizes and are fitted on a return visit. The glass will be slotted in and secured and is then ready for manifestation film to be installed.

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Glass Partition Wall Projects

If you are considering a new glass partitioning project then our surveyors would love to discuss some design options with you.


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