Industrial Interiors

Industrial unit refurbishment & fit outs and transformations of warehouses, factories & production areas.

Over the years, we at APS have established a large amount of experience on industrial projects.  From warehouses to factories & production facilities, we can help you find the right industrial proven interior solution to meet your exacting needs.

Industrial unit mezzanine floor installation

How we can help

Business Relocation

If you are relocating your industrial business then we are on hand to make the transition smooth. We can complete the interior fit out work to adapt your new building to your individual business needs. Our project managers will confirm the time scales and ensure the interior side of your project runs on time for your move in date.

Industrial unit steel partitioning installation Watton

Industrial unit steel partitioning installation Watton

Existing Premises Renovation

A renovation of your existing industrial operation can add value to your building and you can eliminate the need to relocate.  For example an addition of a new mezzanine floor will double your floor space and can create new areas for offices, production or storage spaces within your existing building.

Property Dilapidations

If you have reached the end of a tenancy or lease you may be required to make some alterations to restore your industrial premises back to it’s original form. If this is the case we can take down and remove industrial unit interiors to restore your building as required.

The right industrial solution for you

Industrial unit mezzanine floor and partitioning fit out Peterborough

Industrial unit mezzanine floor and partitioning fit out Peterborough


In a warehouse environment making the best use of the space is vital. Some of our excellent products & solutions include mezzanine floors, mesh partitioning and jumbo fire rated dividing walls.


Every one of our factory builds is carefully project managed to ensure there is minimal disruption to your production workflow. For your factory environment some of our ideal products include hygiene wall panels, steel partitioning and washroom toilet cubicles.

Production Areas

We have a wide range of production relevant solutions to meet your needs. For example we offer PVC curtains or diving partition walls to create a dust, moisture or noise barriers. We can also ensure they built to a fire rated standard which may be required to meet building regulations. Steel or mesh partitioning is also useful for segregating areas, creating secure corridors or storage space.

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