Mezzanine Floors & Staircases

Double the floor space & increase your property value.

Mezzanine floors are a great way to extend factories, warehouses or industrial units to create space for offices, production or storage. Our mezzanine floors are a fast and affordable way to completely transform a building to double it’s size. We custom design every mezzanine floor to meet your exact requirements so that you can achieve the maximum use of your space.

What Is The Installation Process?

Mezzanine floor_3 |APS

Mezzanine floor_3 |APS

Stage 1.  Site Survey

One of our surveyors will come and visit you. They will measure your premises and discuss your requirements. Using their technical knowledge we will then provide you with a proposed solution to meet your needs.

Stage 2.  Quotation & Floor Plan

Once we have surveyed your site we will then provide you with a quote alongside a floor plan to make sure you are happy with our proposed mezzanine floor solution.

Stage 3.  Technical Drawings

Once the scheme is approved we will produce highly detailed technical drawings that will map out all the mezzanine specification such as the beams, columns, staircases, heights etc. At this stage we will submit building regulation applications which are required by law. We will also ensure all products specified will be compliant with all legal regulations such as fire ratings.

Stage 4.  Fabrication

After the technical drawings have been approved we begin the fabrication of the components. Every element of your mezzanine is then custom made to our exact specifications.

Stage 5. Delivery & Installation

We will agree a date & time to deliver the mezzanine floor. We can supply plant equipment such as forklifts if required. Floors are usually installed within a week depending on the project size.

Why Choose APS For Your Mezzanine?

Underside of a mezzanine floor showing steel beams, columns and decking.

Mezzanine floor install during construction of a industrial unit fit out.

Increased Property Value
King's Lynn Mezzanine Floor Fit Out Project.

King’s Lynn Mezzanine Floor Fit Out Project.

The addition of a first floor level will also act as an investment in the building by increasing the property value and can save the hassle of relocating. Two tier mezzanine floors are also available in buildings with the required roof height.

Building Regulations & Fire Ratings

Our project managers will oversee all of the necessary regulations and planning permissions required for your project. All mezzanine floors must meet the necessary fire rating standards. Our technical knowledge ensures all products specified will be compliant with all legal regulations. We will also be able to advise on the necessary smoke detection and lighting requirements for the underside of the mezzanine.

Staircases, Edge Protection & Handrails

We also incorporate stairways and necessary escape routes into our design phase taking into consideration all escape route safety standards. There are different options available for the edge protection and handrails. These can include powder coated metal finishes or glass and stainless steel handrails.

Mezzanine Floor Extensions

If you have an existing mezzanine which you are looking extend or redesign our technical team will be able to advise on the available options.

Pallet Loading Gates

A pulley loading gate is an excellent way to safely move materials from ground level to a mezzanine level for storage – see the video below!

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