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Office Fit Out Meeting Room Partitions Solid & Glazed Loddon

Office Fit Out Meeting Room Partitions Solid & Glazed Loddon

Plasterboard Partition Walls

Warehouse Steel Partitioning Walls Littleport

Warehouse Steel Partitioning Walls

Solid plasterboard partition walls can be designed to have a painted colour finish or have wallpaper fitted. See our Decorating page for more info. Glass windows sections can also be incorporated into the walls to allow vision between areas. A full range of door finishes are available and can be carefully installed by our carpentry teams. Specific partitioning systems can also be installed to achieve extra sound proofing.

Hygienic Clean Room Partition Panels

For clean rooms, laboratories and food safe areas specialist wall panels can be installed to give maximum hygiene performance. Clean room partitions can also be used to segregate controlled areas from moisture, dust or noise. Clean room partition panels ensure the surfaces can be easily wiped clean to maintain hygiene levels in the room.

Steel & Mesh Partitioning

In industrial spaces such as warehouses and factories steel partitioning is a durable and hard-wearing option for segregation. This also contributes to health and safety requirements to create safe passageways and corridors for machinery or personnel moving around a warehouse. Mesh steel partitioning is also available to create secure cages for storage of hazardous materials, valuable items or for pedestrian walkways.

Jumbo Partition Fire Walls

Industrial Unit Painted Plasterboard Partition Walls Peterborough

Industrial Unit Painted Partition Walls Peterborough Mezzanine Fit Out

In warehouse industrial units a fire wall may be required to meet building regulations. Our design team will incorporate all legal requirements into the design phase of our projects to ensure all the necessary safety standards are met. We can also recommend the best partition systems to suit the use of the space and the fire wall environment.

PVC Curtain Tarpaulin Dividing Walls

In food safe areas another effective partition option is a PVC tarpaulin curtain wall. These are fast to install and can be manufactured to any bespoke size. The versatile material is also an excellent option for dust control in production areas.

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