Painting & Decorating

Contact us for a fresh layer of paint or a feature wallpaper design to brighten up an office space or warehouse environment with a clean & modern feel.

Feature Wall Leather Effect Wall Paper

Feature Wall Leather Effect Wall Paper

Our decoration team can cover all your commercial decorating requirements including painting walls and ceilings. Wallpaper can also be fitted to add some texture and colour to a room. In warehouse environments a freshly painted floor can also create a clean look.

Office Steel Metal Effect Textured Wall Paper Design

Office Steel Metal Effect Textured Wall Paper Design


APS offer painting services for all surfaces in a commercial office or industrial environment. This can include walls, ceilings and floors. We can help you to carefully choose a new paint finish or simply refresh your existing colour.

Warehouse Floor Painting

In a warehouse or factory environment our expert decorators can repaint your floor. This reduces the amount of dust and dirt in the area and will improve the cleanliness.


As an alternative finish to your office space we also offer wall paper. The benefit of having a wall paper finish to your new partitioning is the speed of which the wall can be decorated.

Office Black Feature Wall Paper

Office Black Feature Wall Paper

Feature Walls

A standout pattern or texture can add a wow factor to your office or meeting rooms. Our design experts can advise on a range of finishes and effects which will suit your work space.

Door Frames & Skirting

Across your premises our decorating team can refurbish your wood work such as skirting boards, painted doors and door frames. This will add a fresh and clean feel to an area that needs updating or for a change in colour.

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Decorating Projects

If you are considering a decorating project then our surveyors would love to discuss some design options with you.

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